International Activity
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Youth Academy members visit famous universities, scientific institutions and participated in various international youth and scientific conferences, meetings, workshops, trainings in different countries:

Finland Sweden USA Italy Ukraine Canada Russia Greece Spain etc.

These are the aims of our international visits and cooperation.

  • To find new partners, to share research results in various scientific spheres (Information Technology, Computer Science, Mathematical Modeling, Physics, Chemistry, Renewable Energy, Mathematics, Economics, Ecology etc.) with the involvement of young scientists and researchers.

  • To share and get new information in different spheres and find schemes of solutions for scientific problems.

  • To assist young people's training in IT and other innovative spheres in appropriate leading countries.

  • To organize, present and realize young specialist's intellectual and other products abroad.

  • To integrate young scientists from different countries and involve them in scientific projects.

  • To solve social, environmental, life style and other problems together with our international partners.

  • To develop different ways of active participation of young people within cultural diversity projects.

  • To struggle for peace, human rights and against smoking, trafficking and more world wide problems with our international partners.

  • Creating good-neighborly relations between people and NGOs from various countries.

  • Assisting to carry on a dialog between nations, people and countries.

We are active collaborating with international youth and scientific organizations. For cooperation you can fill in partnership form. For more information and questions write us using feedback form.

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