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"Youth Academy"( short "Academy")
is a voluntary, legal advisory and charity youth NGO initiated on the common interests of its members content with other reasons than satisfying religious spiritual or material demands of its members, other community members and its separate groups. "Academy" was founded on May 6, 2003. It functions over the Republic of Armenia, and can as well function in other countries relevant to their internal law. The organization has a round seal with its name stamped, an emblem and a bank account both in AMD and USD currency. The organization members are M.S., M.A. and postgraduate students of higher educational institutes, as well as Ph.D.s.

President: Dr. Artak Barseghyan
Vice-President: Amalia Stepanyan
Secretary: Narine Vardanyan
Assistants to the President:
  • Lilit Abrahamyan
  • Anahit Amiryan
  • Karen Kharatyan
  • Anna Atovmyan
  • Edgar Grigoryan
  • Arthur Aghabekyan
  • Advisers to the President:
  • Dr. Gagik Ayvazyan
  • Dr. Lilit Bekaryan
  • Dr. Qnarik Mkrtchyan
  • Taguhi Tekiryan

  • Tel. (+374 91) 493726, (+374 91) 577173
    Website: www.youth.academy.am

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