Solving basic problems connected with youth is a task which has never been accomplished thoroughly by anyone and may not ever be. Most of youth, scientific, social, political, life style and much more problems can't be solved without involvement of youth. Though it seems impossible to get a universal solution to all the problems the need of youth organizations is evident in all the spheres. Therefore, in May 2003 YOUTH ACADEMY was founded by a group of young scientists, researchers, and young leaders to deal with various problems.

Artak Barseghyan
President of the YOUTH ACADEMY

    A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read. Mark Twain

Projects & News

  On November 2007 the president of Youth Academy Dr. Artak Barseghyan went to Italy, Triest to participate European Conference on Ecological Modeling. Approximately 360 confirmed participants from 53 countries over the world were participating.
Dr. Barseghyan was the only participant from the Republic of Armenia. (2007) more...

  The president of Youth Academy Dr. Artak Barseghyan went to Kyiv, Ukraine on September to participate INTAS Energy Workshop 2007.
The workshop gave participants the opportunity to learn about recent projects funded in the frame of previous INTAS Calls which were closely related to the workshop's scope. Part of this meeting has also served as a brokerage event allowing European and Eastern European and Central Asian (EECA) scientific communities' representatives to meet and exchange views and experiences. (2007) more...

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  Localization of KDE Desktop environment. Version 3.5 into Armenian Language and Integration into Linux operating system.Creation of online community of KDE project management (2006)

  The members of Youth Academy have been in Finland and organized international forum - Building the Bridge of Friendship. New ideas how to develop relations between young people of the republic and foreign countries are discussed(Dialogs, conferences, summer schools, round tables, forums etc.) (2006) 

  SCIENCE & EDUCATION Internet Portal (Universities, academies, research organizations, distance learning, information on financing your education, applying to college, summer jobs and summer programs, internships and much more)(2003-up to now)


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