Solving basic problems connected with youth is a task which has never been accomplished thoroughly by anyone and may not ever be. Most of youth, scientific, social, political, life style and much more problems can't be solved without involvement of youth. Though it seems impossible to get a universal solution to all the problems the need of youth organizations is evident in all the spheres. Therefore, in May 2003 YOUTH ACADEMY was founded by a group of young scientists, researchers, and young leaders to deal with various problems.

Artak Barseghyan
President of the YOUTH ACADEMY

    A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of. Jane Austen

Projects & News

  On June 20 the president of the Youth Academy went to Helsinki to participate in the 13th International congress ICQC. The 13th ICQC will be held on the downtown campus of the University of Helsinki, Finland, at time of the summer solstice.(2009) more...

  On May 20 the president of Youth Academy Dr. Artak Barseghyan went to Moldova, Chisinau to participate to NATO Advanced Networking Workshop "Cyber terrorism: Prevention and Protection". During the workshop Dr. Barseghyan will represent paper "Major Tasks of Cyber Security in the Republic of Armenia". (2009) more...

  On May 15 Ms. Abrahamyan the assistant to the president of Youth Academy went to Egypt. During the business trip Ms. Abrahamyan will visit some leading scientific and educational institutions and some concepts of cooperation will be discussed. (2009)

  On 17 March 2009 professionals of IT sphere in the Youth Academy are discussing the key aspects of IT development in Armenia. The forum chairman was the president of Youth Academy Dr. Artak Barseghyan (2009) more...

  On 24 February Eurasia Partnership Foundation organized round table discussion with Sabine Freizer and invited cross-border project managers. Dr. Barseghyan participated as a head of the International Youth Club.(2009) more...

  On January 24th Youth Academy president Dr. Artak Barseghyan and YA member Karen Kharatyan visited "CHILDREN's HOME AFTER MARY IZMIRLJAN" State Non Commercial Organizations. On behalf of the Youth Academy members they donated 70 technical dictionaries to the mentioned SNCO.(2009)


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